BlackBerry Jam Sessions Hackathon (São Paulo, last in Brazil)

Hi folks,

Today I would like to invite all of you developers that wishes to feel the experience of great moments during a hackathon in São Paulo, Brazil in this next Oct, 27 at Academia. For more information, please access

I had the big opportunity to participate of previous hackathon in Recife, BR (#1) and in San Jose, USA (#6) and it was really amazing to feel the very positive environment and to learn at the same time to help other people to reach their goals that it is basically develop an app in 10 hours and in the end be judged by a set of 4 judges that give comments about your work and you can get this as a feedback to improve your app.

I really appreciate all the hard work Demian Borda and his team to bring all of this for you… All is focused on the developers and make them more them happy to generate a good work while having pizza and red bull, all for free.

So, let’ do you folks!!!

Warm regards,

Start of a new challenge: BlackBerry Innovation Center at UFAL

I’m very pleased to announce that today we have started the preliminary activities of the BlackBerry Innovation Center at UFAL (Federal University of Alagoas). Our main goal is to create a BlackBerry developers community inside the university as well as develop apps to BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry PlayBook.

We have selected 10 students (among 23 students that applied for the process) that will work in the Innovation Center projects after a very hard process of skills revision based on their academic history, a test with 2 logic questions and 1 programming challenging; and finally a technical interview where each student was questioned about their programming skills, about if they like reading, how is their english level (writing, reading and in some cases we talked to them in english) and we finished each interview providing to the student a very difficult logic/programming challenging.

For a practical starting, today we began a Web-based software development training provided by Nicholas Fazio, a BlackBerry Elite Member and one of our student that will work in the BlackBerry Innovation Center. The training plan is:

  • General: About Deploying Apps to BlackBerry 10 Devices
  • General: How to Use Git for Version Control
  • General: Introduction to Databases: A Focus on MySQL and SQLite
  • General: PHP to Support Mobile Apps (JSON and Web Services)
  • General: Software Product Line
  • WebWorks: The Basic of HTML 5, JS, JQuery/Mobile and BBUi.js
  • WebWorks: Advanced Topics of JQuery/JQueryMobile and BBUi.js
  • WebWorks: Advanced Tools for Developing BlackBerry 10 Apps
  • WebWorks: Introduction to Sencha and Titanium (Appcelerator)
  • Native: The Basic of C/C++ and Qt
  • Native: The Basic of Cascades for BlackBerry 10
  • Native: Advanced Topics of Cascades

Some pictures during the first course today:

The selected students are (in alphabetic order):

  1. Anderson Sampaio
  2. Camilo Campos
  3. Diego Raphael
  4. Dielson  Carvalho
  5. Fagner Garrote
  6. Felipe Crispim
  7. Felipe Gualberto
  8. Július KCesar
  9. Marden Laairoy
  10. Randy Ambrósio
The BlackBerry Innovation Center is only possible because of the hard work from the following people that I really thank (in alphabetic order):
  • Demian Borba – BlackBerry Developer Evangelist at RIM
  • Evandro Costa - Professor at UFAL
  • Leandro de Sales (me) – Professor at UFAL and Blackberry Elite
  • Márcio Ribeiro - Professor at UFAL
  • Nicholas Fazio – Student and BlackBerry Elite Member
  • Rodrigo Peixoto – Application Developer Consultant at RIM
The BlackBerry Innovation Center is under my laboratory umbrella called COMPE (Pervasive Computing Laboratory) at the Computing Institute of UFAL. The BlackBerry Innovation Center is an initiative of COMPE/IC/UFAL and BlackBerry/RIM. I’m very much happy to make this happen, as the same time excited because I know that the next months I will work with smart and tallent people involved in this project.

Let’s do it!

Warm regards,


This is my new blog

Hi folks

This is my new blog. I will post my latest news about the stuff I’m doing, experiences, opportunities, tutorials, thoughts and so forth. Hope to get feedback from all of you.